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Our Frameless Shower System Information Gallery is a great place to find stunning photos and valuable information about PRL’s shower products. Below you’ll find sliding and swing door shower systems, shower glass options, shower hardware and custom shower enclosures. The information’s all here, just a click away.

2022 Shower / Steam Unit Catalog

Colored Spandrel Shower Glass

Colored Spandrel Shower Glass

Looking for a frameless shower door unit with trendsetting style? Colored spandrel shower glass is the answer! Offering an endless selection of subtle tones and brilliant shades, PRL of Los Angeles County brings fabulous color to showers and baths. Create an inviting atmosphere with spandrel shower glass.

Shower Door Hardware

Shower Door Hardware

At PRL, our shower door hardware provides those subtle accents that transform ordinary shower units into enchanting ones. Furnishing premium hardware in a fetching collection of styles, we bring sophistication to showers and baths. Contact us today and create a stunning frameless shower door system.

Custom Glue Chip Shower Glass

Custom GlueChip Shower Glass

PRL Glass & Aluminum is proud to bring you our custom GlueChip shower glass collection! Featuring exclusive textured glass designs, this series renders frameless shower door enclosures of the utmost sophistication. Deal direct with us and create a fabulous shower and bath with GlueChip shower glass.

Krystal Klear™ Shower Glass

Krystal Klear Shower Glass

Find the perfect Krystal Klear™ shower glass pattern to complement your frameless shower door system at PRL Glass & Aluminum. Offering a premium selection of decorative patterns that deliver immaculate brilliance, this shower glass brings privacy and refined style to commercial and residential baths.

Shower Glass Coating

Shower Glass Coating

Find out how Diamond Seal shower glass coating can protect and keep your frameless shower door system looking brilliant for years to come. Deal direct with PRL Glass & Aluminum. As the fastest growing glazing industry manufacturer in Southern California, we’re proud to be your shower glass experts.

Shower Door System Hardware

Shower Door System Hardware

At PRL Glass & Aluminum, we supply a sweeping selection of shower door hardware for frameless shower enclosures. Experience our expert craftsmanship and all our hardware has to offer by dealing direct with us. Shop the #1 supplier of shower products in the West Coast for a variety of styles to match your designs and budget.

Shower Door Units

shower door units

Looking for a complete shower door enclosure for a unique bathroom configuration or a custom shower design? At PRL Glass & Aluminum, we’ve got it all to build complete frameless shower systems for residential and commercial baths, no matter how traditional or visionary.

Shower Enclosure Catalog

Don't Miss Shower Enclosure Catalog

Stay on top of the latest shower industry trends, products and architectural designs with PRL’s free Shower Enclosure Catalog. Showcasing over 20 frameless shower door units, PRL’s catalog is a must-have for architects and aluminum and glazing industry professionals.

Create a Shower & Bath

create a shower and bath

For frameless swing door shower systems that create an illusion of spaciousness, contact PRL of Southern California. Supplying top-quality products nationally and internationally with the fastest lead-times in the glazing industry, it’s no wonder PRL’s the go-to source for specifiers and architects.

Custom Shower Units

Be the Envy of All

Design the custom shower system you’ve always wanted at PRL Glass & Aluminum. Offering a multitude of custom options it’s easy to see why we’re the first choice for specifiers designing frameless shower door units.

Ordering Shower Products Online

Ordering Shower Products Online

Say goodbye to door-to-door shopping and purchase your frameless shower door unit hassle-free right from your computer!

Shower Door Sliders

Shower Door Sliders

For a spectacular selection of frameless shower door sliders shop PRL. Offering three beautiful systems perfect for tub and shower enclosures.

Standard Contoured Shower Door Sliders

Contoured Shower Door Sliders

Don’t miss out on PRL’s Standard Contoured shower door sliders. For frameless shower systems that offer quality and convenience, contact us.

Frameless Ruby Shower Door Sliders

Ruby Shower Door Sliders

Looking for a luxurious shower system that opens up space? Purchase PRL’s frameless Ruby shower door sliders.

Tiffany Shower Door Sliders

Tiffany Shower Door Sliders

For the ultimate in frameless shower units, choose PRL of Southern California’s Tiffany shower door sliders. Made entirely of hanging shower glass panels.

2016 Shower Door and Enclosure Catalog

For simply awe-inspiring frameless shower systems that are sure to impress, contact PRL of Southern California.