Bring the Essence of Beauty to Your Shower & Bath! Order PRL’s Frameless Tiffany Shower Door Sliders

For the ultimate in frameless shower units, choose PRL of Southern California’s Tiffany shower door sliders. Made entirely of hanging shower glass panels, this completely frameless all-glass slider system yields the essence of beauty with its lavish all-glass views.

Furnishing an impressive selection of shower glass types and a rich collection of hardware, we provide architects generous design options for shower enclosures. Bring striking sophistication to your shower and bath with Tiffany shower door sliders. Deal direct with PRL and see what we can do for you.

About the Tiffany. Shower Door Sliders Designed with Distinction

Alluring in commercial and residential applications, this frameless shower unit combines the best of form and function. Utilizing a revolutionary top hung design, a modern 4-wheel roller system and slider tracks, PRL ensures Tiffany shower doors glide smoothly and effortlessly.

This slider system features an exclusive rectangular shaped sliding track. 60″ in length, PRL offers a number of lustrous finishes to accent shower enclosures. Furnished in brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze, the Tiffany’s sliding track is sure to blend splendidly with any décor.

At PRL Glass & Aluminum, Tiffany shower door sliders are manufactured with important details in mind. Built to accommodate heavy glass loads, this frameless shower unit accepts maximum door weights up to 88 lbs. for enclosures up to 72” wide. To help guard against steam and water leaks, these sliders are equipped with first-rate polycarbonate seals.

Manufactured in-house, Tiffany sliders can be crafted in standard and custom sizes. Offered in standard 60″ tub and 72″ shower heights, we fabricate these systems for any site conditions or design concepts for straight and corner conditions. Perfect for 3/8” tub and shower units, the Tiffany can be rendered in 90°, 135°, in-line and custom angle shower configurations.

Tiffany Shower Door Sliders

Shower Glass Types & Hardware. Add Cultivation to Tiffany Shower Door Sliders

Turn your frameless shower enclosure into the centerpiece of your bath. Embellish your shower sliders with PRL’s huge selection of shower glass types and hardware. Offering a breadth of design options from classic to contemporary, our shower glass types and hardware can bring your visions to life.

At PRL of the West Coast, we offer an unmatched selection of shower glass types for Tiffany shower door sliders. Create an inviting ambiance for your shower and bath with our clear tempered or popular textured shower glass types. Add a splash of color to your shower system with brilliant hues or soothing tones from an unlimited selection of spandrel shower glass colors.

If more ornate shower glass types are what you’re seeking, look no further. PRL renders a host of discerning options for Tiffany shower sliders. Choose a regal border or pattern from our collection of glue chipped shower glass; or turn your frameless shower door unit into a brilliant canvas with a beautifully sandblasted custom glass image.

Our extensive collection of shower hardware offers a host of architectural design options for shower sliders. Offered in beautiful brushed and polished stainless steel, polished chrome, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes, PRL’s shower hardware has a lot to offer.

Supplying 3 hinge and clamp series with their own distinctive designs, u-channels extruded from premium quality aluminum, and a large assortment of polycarbonate seals, we provide the finest hardware options to secure Tiffany shower door sliders.

PRL also furnishes a spectacular selection of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars. Offering pull handles in standard, mini ladder H-style, contoured, contemporary and glass styles; knobs in standard, slider, glass and bow styles; and single-sided and standard towel bar combos, you’re sure to add just the right touch to your frameless shower enclosure.

For shower door sliders of the utmost distinction shop PRL Glass & Aluminum. Boasting incredible all-glass views, the Tiffany’s immaculate transparency brings elegance to showers and baths. Experience the expert craftsmanship of our shower systems and deal direct with us.