Add a Splash of Color with PRL Spandrel Shower Glass

Design your frameless shower door system like no other. Add captivating, sparkling, color with spandrel shower glass. At PRL of Southern California, we can color your world with an endless selection of spandrel shower glass colors.

Spandrel Shower Glass

Spandrel Glass Color Samples

Offering bold jewel-like colors and soft, gentle hues, PRL’s line of spandrel glass adds privacy and is the ideal accent for frameless shower enclosures. Create a glorious expression for your shower and bath by adding the perfect array of color.

Whether you’re designing a frameless swing or sliding shower door unit, PRL’s infinite selection of spandrel glass is sure to impress. Offering a myriad of standard and custom shades in greens, blues, grays, whites, blacks and bronze, we deliver hues to match your color palette and vision.

Spandrel shower glass is available in 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass thicknesses for frameless swing door shower systems and 3/8″ thicknesses for shower door sliders.

Manufacturing all frameless shower enclosures in-house, PRL can size spandrel shower glass to fit any shower configuration or dimensions.

Alluring Spandrel Applications

A perfect companion for frameless shower door systems, spandrel glass can also be used for a generous assortment of shower and bath applications.

Divinely tailored for steam unit accent walls, shower partitions and splash panels, this beautifully colored shower glass will dazzle and delight. Flawlessly suited for shower enclosure splash back walls and countertops, spandrel glass will bring high class distinction to your shower and bath.

Spandrel Shower Splash Back Wall

White spandrel splash back walls in frameless shower unit

Standard Spandrel Glass Colors

Standard Spandrel Shower Glass Colors:

At PRL, we stock a full line of standard spandrel glass colors. Offering an expansive range of standard shades in blues, greens, whites and more, we provide a multitude of choices that are sure to please.

Custom Spandrel Glass Colors:

We also offer custom spandrel glass colors. By working with ICD, just about any hue can be created and they can color match to your specific requirements. Beautiful reds, purples, bold, or subtle colors can be brought to life to accentuate your décor.

Please consult PRL for details. Custom spandrel glass colors may be subject to price increases.

Custom Spandrel Glass Colors

Brilliant Colors. Brilliant Protection.

To achieve the array of radiant colors spandrel glass has to offer, a colored coating is applied to the glass surface. This smooth coating can be vulnerable to scratching that can result from cleaning products. To help protect your spandrel glass from scratching, PRL highly recommends having Diamond Seal coating applied.

Diamond Seal coating not only helps protect colored spandrel coatings from scratching, but also protects shower glass from fingerprints, soap build up and discoloration from mineral deposits. Keep your spandrel glass looking brilliant for years to come with brilliant Diamond Seal coating.

Color your world with spandrel glass and design a frameless shower door system like no other. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and contact PRL today.

Offering premium quality shower products to the glazing industry since 1989, we’re the right choice. From design to delivery, we can meet your challenge.