Bring Your Visions to Life with Sandblasted Shower Glass

Turn your frameless swing or sliding shower door system into an exquisite work of art. Offering awe-inspiring sandblasted shower glass designs, PRL of Southern California is your leading source for shower and bath products.

Sandblasted Shower Glass Waves

Sandblasted Shower Glass Waves

Breathtaking in commercial and residential applications, PRL offers unlimited sandblasted glass designs to create frameless shower units that are sure to turn heads.

At PRL, fabricating custom glass designs is our specialty. Utilizing heavy tempered glass, PRL’s sandblasted glass is fabricated, etched and carved in-house by our master craftsmen to assure precise designs and quality.

Regardless of your project- a frameless shower door enclosure, steam unit, splash panel or shower partition, with PRL’s sandblasted glass the sky’s the limit. You can allow your creative genius to flow to make your shower and bath reflect your own personal style.

Finest Sandblasting Techniques

At PRL, our master craftsmen utilize the finest sandblasting techniques, hand drawn and computer generated images to create beautiful, eye-catching, sandblasted glass patterns, designs and artwork.

Using sandblasting techniques such as flat etching, shading and carving, standard patterns and custom designs can be created. Rendering full opaque effects to striking three dimensional artwork, our sandblasted glass will add a one-of-a-kind touch to your frameless shower system and bath.

Available Sandblasting Techniques:

  • Solid Etch/Frost: Produces a full opaque effect
  • Surface Etching & Shading: Areas are shaded so the etching delicately and gradually fades back out to clear glass
  • Carved & Shaded: Produces an eye-catching three dimensional, sculpted effect

For more detailed information on PRL’s sandblasted glass techniques please visit our FAQ page.

Sandblasted Shower Glass Daisy
Sandblasted Shower Glass Mermaid

Inviting Sandblasted Designs & Themes

The crowning feature of sandblasted glass is it affords limitless creativity. Endless designs and themes can be rendered to create just the right ambiance for your frameless shower enclosure, steam unit or bath. Let PRL help you create an inviting motif for your shower and bath with our sandblasted glass designs and themes.

Available Sandblasted Designs & Themes:

  • Borders
  • Logos
  • Ornamental
  • Artistic
  • Nature
  • Oceanic
  • Mythical

To help protect sandblasted glass from staining, fingerprints and harsh cleaning products, we recommend adding Diamond seal coating.

As the leading custom glass fabricator in the glazing industry since 1989, it’s no wonder PRL Glass & Aluminum is the #1 sandblasted shower glass supplier in the West Coast.

Experience the elegance and expert craftsmanship of PRL. Create an inspiring atmosphere by bringing your visions to life.