Frequently Asked Questions: PRL’s Shower Door Systems, Ordering, Delivery & More

Want to know more about PRL’s shower door enclosures, ordering or delivery? This FAQ page has tons of great info on our frameless swing and sliding systems, steam units, shower glass, lead-times and more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just give us a jingle and we’ll assist you further. 877-775-2586.

Shower System FAQ’s:

Swing & Sliding Doors:

Can I Order Pre-Made Shower Doors from You?

Unfortunately, no. We don’t offer stock shower doors. Crafted in-house, we only render custom swing and sliding shower systems built to our customer’s specifications.

Does PRL Manufacture Framed Shower Enclosures?

No, we don’t produce framed shower units. We strictly generate frameless systems for all-glass shower enclosures.

Are Complete Shower Units Available? If So, What’s Included?

Yes they are! We supply a wide range of complete shower systems. They include your choice of shower configuration, swing or sliding door, shower glass type and all related hardware. And our frameless units arrive with all perimeter supports, hinges installed and pre-cut headers and u-channels.

How Many Configurations Can I Get for My Swing Door Shower System?

The possibilities are virtually endless. PRL can create practically any configuration for frameless swing door shower units. Furnished with single, double or bifold doors, these shower enclosures are offered in 180°, in-line, neo-angle and custom configurations. Learn more about our frameless swing door shower systems.

Which Configurations Can I Specify for Frameless Shower Sliders?

You can request several configurations for our Contoured, Tiffany and Ruby shower sliders. These frameless enclosures can be rendered in 90°, 135°, and in-line configurations as well as custom angles. All sliding systems are available in a vast array of opening sizes. Check out our Contoured shower door sliders.

What’s the Max Size Swing Shower Door You Can Produce?

We can manufacture swing shower doors as large as 42” wide carrying 175 lbs. with our Samson hinge. Delivered in brushed and polished stainless steel finishes, this hinge supports some of the biggest showers in the industry. Without the Samson hinge, max shower door sizes are 36” in width for up to 140 lbs.

I Need Deductions Made for My Shower Unit. Will PRL Do This?

We sure will! We make deductions all the time. With over 20 years’ experience, our shower door layout team can do this for you, so your frameless swing or sliding system is just right.

Shower Hardware Finish FAQ’s:

Swing Door Systems:

How Many Hardware Finishes Does PRL Offer for Swing Door Shower Systems?

We stock 4 shower hardware finishes for frameless swing enclosures. Our collections of shower door hinges, clamps, pull handles, knobs and towel bars are offered in brushed nickel, polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze and matte back finishes.

I Need a Custom Hardware Finish for a Swing Shower Unit. Can I Get Them from US Horizon or CRL Through You?

Yes, you can! When you specify our swing door systems, you can request custom shower hardware finishes from US Horizon or CRL. For ordering and finish option info, just reach out to our shower department.

Shower Slider FAQ’s:

Tiffany & Ruby Systems:

What’s the Max Size Tiffany Shower Sliders I Can Purchase & Their Limitations?

You can buy Tiffany sliding shower doors in 72” max widths. These all-glass systems are limited to 30” x 84” in overall dimension and 88 lbs. in weight.

How Large Does PRL Make Ruby Sliding Shower Door Systems? How About Limitations?

We generate Ruby all-glass shower sliders up to 100” in size. Limitations for these sliding door units are 32” x 84” overall and 120 lbs. in weight.

My Shower Project Requires a 90° Return Panel. Can I Specify One for Tiffany or Ruby Enclosures?

You sure can! Manufacturing all Tiffany and Ruby systems per your plans, we can render 90° return panels for your shower door sliders.

Can I Order Varying Glass Thicknesses Tiffany or Ruby Shower Sliders?

Afraid not. Tiffany and Ruby all-glass doors only accept 3/8” thicknesses. However, we do offer a large selection of shower glass types for these sliding enclosures.

Which Hardware Finishes Does PRL Carry for Tiffany & Ruby Sliding Shower Door Units?

Available hardware finishes depend on the size of your Tiffany or Ruby shower door system.

For Ruby sliders up to 72”, we supply brushed or polished stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. For these shower units up to 100” in size, hardware can be chosen in brushed and polished stainless steel.

For Tiffany sliding doors, shower hardware is furnished in brushed or polished stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze finishes for any enclosure size. See how spectacular these all-glass sliders will look in your bath!

Custom Shower & Bath FAQ’s:

Systems, Steam Units & More:

Can I Request Custom Swing & Sliding Shower Door Systems in Any Opening Size or Glass Type?

Yes! You can have our frameless custom shower units made in endless opening sizes and glass types. Whether your bath calls for sliders or a swing shower door, each system is crafted to your exact specifications.

We can render virtually any opening size for tubs and showers and fabricate vast arrays of custom shower glass types for swing and sliding door enclosures. Explore our custom shower and bath capabilities.

Does PRL Manufacture Steam Units for Showers & Baths?

Yes, we do. We produce stand-alone steam units as well as shower system/steam enclosure combos. Built to your dimensions with your choice of hardware and shower glass type, our steam units are designed to meet your specific bath needs.

I’m Looking for Splash Panels & Shower Partitions. Can I Get These from You?

You sure can! You can order a wide range of custom shower partitions and splash panels from us. We aren’t limited to just frameless shower sliders or swing door enclosures. Created in-house, we fit splash panels and shower partitions with huge assortments of attachments and shower glass options.

My Shower System Needs a Steam Vent Cut-Out. Does PRL Make Them?

Yes, we fashion steam vent cut-outs in multiple sizes and shapes. Great for any swing or sliding shower door system, this product comes equipped with all required hardware or hinges. Also, our steam vent cut-outs can be made with nearly any style edges, notches or holes.

Shower Glass FAQ’s:

Systems & Bath Products:

Which Shower Glass Types Can I Specify for My System, Steam Unit or Partition?

You can choose boundless shower glass types for any of our products. We offer clear tempered, numerous glass textures and endless spandrel colors. We even fabricate custom shower glass with glue chipped borders and patterns or sandblasted designs for shower enclosures, steam units and partitions. Check out our shower glass types.

Can Laminated Glass Be Used in Shower Enclosures? If So, Will PRL Warrant It?

Yes, it can- but no, we won’t. We do use laminated SentryGlas® interlayers in shower door systems. But will not warrant laminated glass if the edges are exposed.

Since shower glass is subjected to water, heat and moisture intrusion, delamination is more likely to occur. Even though laminated SentryGlas® carries a warranty on exposed edges, the risk is too high honor it.

How Many Sandblasting Techniques Can I Select for Shower Glass Designs?

You can pick from 3 techniques to sandblast, or etch, designs into your shower glass. All 3 processes, explained below, are done on tempered glass to create infinite sandblasted graphics, logos, themes and more.

Surface Etching:
This technique is the first, most basic, and least expensive process. Surface etching is a single-stage sandblast option that produces a full opaque effect. As its name implies, only the surface is sandblasted. Since etching does not go deep into the glass, it yields a one-dimensional look.

Surface Etching & Shading:
This process is the second level of sandblasting. Surface etching and shading is a multi-stage sandblast effect. Each and every segment of the illustration is individually removed and sandblasted, one piece at a time. This is not a surface etch, but areas are shaded so the image delicately and gradually fades back out to clear glass.

Carving & Shading:
This technique is the third level of sandblasting. Carving and shading differs from etching and shading in that areas are sandblasted longer to generate three dimensional, sculpted effects. This process forms carved edges within the motif that appear whiter and brighter as they pick up and reflect surrounding light.

With carving and shading, the sandblasted rendering looks three dimensional, as if it’s floating within the glass. See what amazing sandblasted glass designs we can fabricate for your frameless shower system and bath.

Why Should I Get Diamond Seal Shower Glass Coating? What Does It Do?

Diamond Seal is a permanent coating that protects shower glass surfaces and makes maintenance easier. It’s great for shower and bath products for a couple reasons.

First, Diamond Seal coatings seal porous areas in the glass to prevent stains, soap residue and household cleaners from depositing. And secondly, they don’t require reapplication. Once this product is applied, it’s forever fused to shower glass surfaces.

Backed with a 10 year manufacture warranty, Diamond Seal coatings are not self-cleaning. However, they do keep shower glass looking new for many years, resist fingerprints and water beads. Learn more about this protective coating and why you should get it.

Does PRL Apply Diamond Seal Coating to All Shower Glass Orders? Do I Need to Request It?

No, we do not automatically apply Diamond Seal coatings to shower glass purchases. You will need to specify it. If you’d like this protective coating added to your shower enclosure, steam unit, splash panel or shower partition, just indicate so on your quote.

Ordering FAQ’s:

All Shower Products:

How Do I Order Frameless Shower Door Systems, Steam Units & Splash Panels?

You can purchase any of our shower products 2 ways- over the phone or using our handy online ordering system.

To place your order by phone, simply call us during regular business hours. One of our team members will direct your call to our shower department. We can be reached at: 877-775-2586.

Accessible 24/7, our online ordering portal lets you shop any time of day. Here, you can make all your specifications, instantly receive a quote and bid any of our shower door sliders, swing enclosures or partitions.

Who Do I Speak with To Place Standard Shower Glass Orders?

One of our helpful representatives! To place your standard shower glass order, just give us a call. As long as it doesn’t require any customizations, most glass orders can be made by phone. Yes, it’s that easy. Dial us at: 877-775-2586.

I Have a Custom Shower Glass Order. Does PRL Need Anything from Me?

Yes, we do. For custom shower glass orders we’ll need your drawings, measurements and exact dimensions so we get it right. They will need to be sent for shower system panels other than rectangular or square shapes, and for all shower glass cut-outs, notches and holes.

Discover all the custom shower units and specialized glass fabrications we can render. If you have any questions about our made-to-order requirements, please contact us.

Lead-Times, Arrival & Sign-Off FAQ’s:

All Shower Products:

When Can I Expect My Shower Enclosure to Arrive? What Are Your Lead-Times?

Our lead-time is 2 business days for standard shower door enclosures. Custom frameless units will take longer, and their lead-times will be indicated on your quote.

Please note: Lead-times do not include shipping or transit. This is not how long it will take for your shower system to arrive. Lead-times are calculated once job confirmations are signed off and approved. After this, your shower door enclosure will arrive pending the shipping method you choose.

I Need My Shower Products Sooner Than 2 Days. Does PRL Offer Expedited Delivery?

We sure do! When you use our Urgency Program, you can receive your shower unit the very next day. While there is a fee for this service, it enables us to provide you with the fastest lead-times in the industry.

Perfect for rushed jobs, our Urgency Program gets your swing or sliding shower door system, steam unit or splash panel to you when you need it.

How Does Your Urgency Program Work?

Our Urgency Program works by estimating expedited shipping charges for different ship dates within our manufacturing capabilities. Shipping dates are calculated once job confirmations are signed off and approved.

At an additional cost, expedited special delivery services are also available for local and out of area territories. You can find this option as well as our Urgency Program on most of our quotes and order confirmations.

Must I Sign-Off on All Shower Product Orders? Which Require Them & Which Don’t?

Sign-off requirements are not determined by the shower products you buy. They’re determined by your total. Sign-offs must be sent for any frameless shower enclosures, steam vent cut-outs, partitions, etc. totaling $1,000 or more.

What Will PRL Do If You Don’t Receive Sign-Offs for Shower Door Systems?

We’ll place your shower unit order on hold. After you send the sign-off, we’ll begin production for your swing or sliding shower doors. If you have any questions about your sign-off, just give us a call.

Delivery & Shipping FAQ’s:

All Shower Products:

Can I Have My Shower Products Delivered Locally, Nationally & Internationally?

Yes, you can. We deliver frameless shower units, splash panels and more locally, nationally and internationally. You can have your products delivered to a number of states, cities and areas within the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Locally, we deliver to several cities in California, and nationally, to numerous areas in Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. Internationally, we deliver shower merchandise to a variety of provinces in Canada and federal entities in Mexico.

Which Cities & Areas Do You Deliver To?

We deliver our shower products to the following cities and areas. If your location isn’t listed below, simply contact us. We just might be able to come to you.

In California, delivery can be made to San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego. In Nevada, we deliver shower systems to the city of Las Vegas and its neighboring areas.

For Mexican federal entities, we deliver to Cabo San Lucas. Our shower products can also be delivered to many Canadian provinces and areas in Hawaii.

Will PRL Ship Shower Door Systems to Locations Other Than My Shop?

Yes, we will- if your shower enclosure meets 2 stipulations. We will ship any of our shower products to locations other than your shop if your total is over $1,500 and is being shipped to a commercial area.

What Shipping Methods Do You Use for U.S. & Out of Country Orders?

We use 3 different shipping methods for U.S. and out of country orders- our transportation fleet, common carrier and air freight.

In the United States, we ship our shower products by vehicle transportation fleet. This includes areas in Arizona and the following cities in California and Nevada: San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas. Hawaii is the only state we do not use this shipping method for.

For provinces in Canada and federal entities in Mexico, we ship shower units by common carrier or air freight. We also use this shipping method for frameless systems going to Hawaii.

How Will PRL Package My Shower Sliders or Steam Unit for Shipping?

We take every precaution to ensure your shower products are packaged securely for shipping. Whether you’ve purchased shower sliders or a steam unit, it will be crated and shipped in either cardboard or foam wrapped packaging.

Questions & Customer Service FAQ’s:

All Shower Products:

I Have Questions & Need Technical Assistance. Who Do I Contact & How?

For shower product questions or technical assistance, you can contact one of our representatives. We offer 2 customer service options- by phone or using our Live Chat feature. Both are great ways to get the help you need for our swing and sliding shower door systems, steam units, splash panels and more.

To make your inquiry by phone, simply call us during regular business hours. One of our knowledgeable representatives will transfer your call to our shower department. We can be reached at: 877-775-2586.

Our Live Chat feature can be found in the lower right hand corner of nearly every page of our website. Just click on the Help or Chat icon, and you’ll be on your way to getting all your shower questions answered and any technical assistance you need.

Does PRL Answer Shower Product Questions Via Email? If Yes, What’s Your Address?

We sure do! Our experienced customer service department can answer all your shower questions by email.

Whether you require specs for a frameless enclosure, have shower glass questions, or need info about steam vent cut-outs, our experts will reply right away.

Email your shower product questions to this address:

The Shower Door System I Ordered Arrived Incorrect. What Should I Do?

We’re sorry your shower unit didn’t arrive how you ordered it. Please notify us so we can make it right! You can do this by calling us or using Live Chat. We apologize for the inconvenience.

With customer satisfaction as our top priority, we’ll do everything we can to rectify your shower order. Dial us at: 877-775-2586. Find Live Chat: On our website.

What Does PRL Do for Merchandise That Arrives Damaged?

Yikes! We never like to hear about damaged shower products! We apologize this happened. In the event your swing shower doors or sliders arrived with scratches, dings or chips, we ask that you submit a damage claim so we can correct the problem.

When Do I Need to Submit A Damage Claim for My Frameless Shower Unit?

Your damage claim must be submitted within 3 business days from the date you received your shower system. If you have any questions regarding our damage claim policy, please contact us by phone or using Live Chat.

For any other questions, please call us!
(877) 775-2586