Frequently Asked Questions: PRL’s Shower Door Systems, Products, Fabrication, Ordering & Delivery.

Whether you want to know more about PRL’s shower system products, ordering or delivery, this FAQ page will help you out. If we haven’t answered your question below, just give us a jingle and one of our helpful representatives can assist you further. 877-775-2586. It’s that easy.


Do You Offer Complete Shower Units? What's Included?

Yes. We offer complete shower units that include your choice of shower door (swing or sliding), configuration, shower glass type, and all related hardware. Complete frameless shower enclosures arrive with all perimeter supports, headers and u-channels pre-cut and with hinges installed. 

As a true single-source supplier, PRL manufactures all components to build complete shower systems in our facility. We can accommodate budgets of many sizes. Take a look at PRL’s complete frameless shower enclosures to see what we can do for you.

What Frameless Shower System Configurations Do You Offer?

PRL can manufacturer practically any frameless shower system configuration for shower door sliders and swing door shower units. Manufacturing all shower enclosures in-house, we can fabricate a vast array of opening sizes and geometric configurations. Learn more about PRL’s frameless swing and sliding shower system configurations.

Can You Fabricate Custom Shower Enclosures?

Yes! We can fabricate custom shower enclosures to your exact specifications. At PRL, creating custom designs by combining glass and metal is our specialty. We can fabricate virtually any frameless custom shower system and custom shower glass designs for showers, tubs and baths. We can help you no matter what stage you’re at. Explore PRL’s custom shower and bath capabilities.

Can You Manufacture Steam Units, Splash Panels, Shower Partitions and Steam Vent Cut-Outs?

Yes. Our expert craftsmen can manufacturer steam units, splash panels, shower partitions and steam vent cut-outs.

Manufacturing all shower products in-house, PRL isn’t limited to just frameless shower sliders and swing door enclosures. We can manufacture a wide array of shower products in your choice of shower glass type from our vast selection.

What Shower Glass Types Do You Offer?

PRL offers an expansive assortment of shower glass types for our shower products. We offer clear tempered, textured, spandrel shower glass colors, GlueChip borders and patterns and sandblasted glass designs. Check out PRL’s shower glass types and imagine the possibilities!

What Techniques Are Used For Your Sandblasted Shower Glass?

PRL’s expert technicians utilize three different techniques to sandblast, or etch, designs into our shower glass. All three processes, explained below, can be done on tempered glass.

Surface Etching:

Surface etching is a single-stage sandblast option that produces a full opaque effect. As its name implies, only the surface is sandblasted. Since etching does not go deep into the glass, it produces a one-dimensional effect. Surface etching is the first, most basic and least expensive technique.

Surface Etching & Shading:

Surface etching and shading is a multi-stage sandblast effect. Each and every segment of the design is individually removed and sandblasted, one piece at a time. This is not a surface etch, but areas are shaded so the etching delicately and gradually fades back out to clear glass. Surface etching and shading is the second level of sandblasting.

Carving & Shading:

Carving and shading differs from etching and shading in that areas are sandblasted longer to create a three dimensional, sculpted effect. As with any other type of sculpting, it takes a gifted artist to achieve just the right depth at a consistent and correct level for the perfect result.

Carving and shading produces carved edges within the design that appear whiter and brighter as they pick up and reflect surrounding light. The image will appear three dimensional, as if it’s floating within the glass. Carving and shading is the third level of sandblasting. See what amazing sandblasted glass designs PRL can create for your frameless shower system and bath.

Is Diamond Seal Coating Applied to All Shower Glass Orders?

No. Diamond Seal coating is optional and not automatically included with shower glass orders. If you’d like this protective coating applied to your shower enclosure, steam unit, splash panel or shower partition, please specify when ordering. This permanent coating is an excellent way to maintain your shower glass and protect it from harsh chemicals, peeling and discoloration. Learn how Diamond Seal coating can keep your shower glass looking new longer.


How Do I Order a Frameless Shower Door System, Steam Unit or Other Shower Product?:

You can order our shower products two ways; via PRL’s convenient, 24/7 online ordering system on our website, or by phone during regular business hours 877-775-2586.

How Do I Order a Shower Unit By Phone?:

To order a shower unit by phone, simply call: 877-775-2586. A PRL representative will direct your call to our shower department.

What Are Your Lead-Times?:

PRL’s standard lead-times are 5 working days, or as specified on your quote. Lead-times do not include shipping or transit. Lead-times are calculated once job confirmations are signed off and approved.

I Need My Shower Order Sooner Than 5 Days. Can I Expedite Delivery?

Yes. You can expedite delivery and receive your order sooner than 5 days. Using our Urgency Program you can receive your order in as little as 3 working days, or the next day. Next day delivery is subject to expedited charges.

How Does Your Urgency Program Work?:

Available on most of PRL’s quotes and order confirmations, our Urgency Program works by estimating expedited shipping charges for different ship dates within our manufacturing capabilities. Shipping dates are calculated once job confirmations are signed off and approved. Local and out of area expedited special delivery services are available at an additional cost.


What Areas Do You Deliver To?

Located in the City of Industry, CA, PRL delivers our products to a wide variety of areas locally, nationally and internationally. Locally, we deliver to areas near San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and San Diego; nationally to areas in Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii and we deliver internationally to Mexico.

How Are Your Products Delivered? By Transportation Fleet or Common Carrier?

Both. PRL’s products are delivered by transportation fleet and common carrier, depending on location.

Areas By Transportation Fleet:

  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Las Vegas

Areas By Common Carrier:

  • Hawaii
  • Mexico
  • Cabo San Lucas


Who Do I Contact for Technical Assistance or Questions?:

For technical assistance or questions you can contact one of PRL’s knowledgeable representatives at 877-775-2586. Your call will be transferred to our shower department where a representative will be happy to help you.

Something's Not Right with My Order. What Do I Do?

If something’s not right with your order, simply give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to correct it. Customer satisfaction at PRL is our #1 goal. Contact us at: 877-775-2586. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For any other questions, please call us!
(877) 775-2586

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