Tiffany & Ruby Top Hung Shower Sliders. All Glass Sophistication

If captivating, frameless, sliding shower doors are what you’re seeking, look no further. PRL’s Tiffany and Ruby top hung shower sliders are sure to enchant. Beautifully suited for tub and shower enclosures, the Tiffany and Ruby’s all-glass presence brings striking sophistication to any shower or bath.

Top Hung Shower Sliders

Top Hung Shower Sliders – The Ultimate in Luxury

For the ultimate in sliding shower door systems, PRL of Southern California delivers the Tiffany and Ruby. Perfect for residential and commercial applications, our frameless shower sliders afford the baths of your dreams. Elegance and quality- that’s what we’re known for.

Tiffany and Ruby all-glass sliding units combine the best of form and function. Featuring an innovative top hung design, these shower doors glide smoothly with effortless operation. Buy with confidence. Get our luxurious Tiffany or Ruby shower sliders for your tub or shower enclosures.

Shower Sliders with Immaculate Transparency, Numerous Designs & Superior Quality

Made entirely of hanging shower glass panels, this all glass shower door slider system boasts outstanding all glass views.

Offered in two support bar styles- square and round, Tiffany and Ruby top hung shower sliders are available in a collection of beautiful finishes to complement your shower and bath.

Fabricated in-house, Tiffany and Ruby sliders are available in standard and custom sizes in a variety of configurations. Manufactured with premium quality materials and equipped with water and steam tight seals, PRL assures a superior product.

Crafted entirely of hanging shower glass panels, Tiffany and Ruby sliding door systems boast outstanding all-glass views. Manufactured in-house, we generate these frameless shower units with many design options.

Offered in two support bar styles- square and round, our top hung shower sliders are available in a collection of attractive finishes to complement showers and baths.

PRL’s Tiffany and Ruby enclosures can be rendered in standard as well as custom sliding door sizes. Made-to-order per your plans, our all-glass shower sliders can also be produced in a variety of configurations.

These sliding shower door systems truly are superior products. Equipped with water and steam tight seals, little to nothing gets through, and we build Tiffany and Ruby sliders with premium quality shower materials.

Ruby Frameless Shower Sliders

Ruby shower sliders with support bar and standard shower door pull handles in brushed stainless steel finish.

Tiffany 90 Frameless Shower Sliders

Breathtaking All-Glass Showers with Cutting-Edge Top Hung Designs

Unlike most sliding shower doors that utilize headers, PRL’s Tiffany and Ruby utilize a cutting-edge top hung design, a roller system and support bars to secure hanging shower glass panels. The result? Gorgeous, frameless, all-glass shower sliders that bestow nothing but breathtaking transparency.

Effortless Operation for Heavy Shower Door Sliders

Tiffany and Ruby sliding door units can withstand heavy shower enclosure demands. Accepting 3/8” shower glass thicknesses, our sliders accommodate max door weights of 88 and 120 lbs. And these hanging shower glass panels slide fluidly and easily. Sporting modern 4-wheel roller systems assembled with precision engineering, the Tiffany and Ruby’s top hung doors just breeze along their support bars.

Distinctive Design Options

Whether you’re tailoring shower door sliders for tub or shower units, PRL delivers a stellar array of design options for the Tiffany and Ruby. There’s no doubt about it. We have what it takes to render distinctive all-glass shower enclosures. Discover what we can do for your sliding shower doors.

The Tiffany and Ruby can be generated in numerous traditional or custom shower configurations. Furnished in two support bar styles, these top hung sliders can be fit with a sweeping selection of our hardware. And fabricating a bottomless collection of shower glass types, your frameless shower doors can be as simple or elaborate as you wish.

Spectacular Standard & Custom Configurations

At PRL, we manufacture all Tiffany and Ruby top hung shower sliders in-house. Doing so enables us to offer a rich assortment of standard and custom shower system configurations. Sold in standard 60” tub and 72” shower heights, we can create all-glass sliding doors up to 72” and 100” max widths.

For standard configurations, these frameless shower sliders are produced as in-line, 90˚ and 135˚units. Have a custom angle layout in mind? No problem. Customizations are our specialty. We can construct just about any configuration, so Tiffany or Ruby sliding doors meet your shower and bath needs. Just send us your specifications and we’ll bring your visions to life.

2 Support Bar Styles & 3 Finishes

Tiffany Shower Sliders

Tiffany shower sliders shown in oil rubbed bronze finish

Ruby Shower Sliders

Ruby shower sliders shown in polished stainless steel finish

Carried in two support bar styles and three lavish finishes, we provide tasteful choices for Tiffany and Ruby shower sliders. Stunning in businesses and homes, our top hung sliding doors grant architectural design varieties for showers and baths.

Rendered with a square profile, the Tiffany’s support bar runs 60” in length. Fashioned with a round profile, the Ruby’s also 60” in length. Yielded in brushed or polished stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze finishes, these support bars accent shower sliders beautifully. We can also supply custom finishes for our sliding doors upon request. Please consult us for details.

Yep! That’s right. PRL of Los Angeles County is one of the few fabricators who build frameless all-glass shower sliders in two support bar styles and oil rubbed bronze finish! No wonder we stand above the rest.

Bountiful Array of Shower Glass

We craft huge scopes of shower glass types for Tiffany and Ruby sliding door enclosures. Whether your décor is simple or ornate, our catalog makes frameless shower systems that turn heads. So, say yes to us. Our shower glass lines just add up to better.

PRL furnishes wide mixtures of standard and custom shower glass types for these top hung sliders. In addition to clear tempered, we generate Tiffany and Ruby units in large amounts of textured shower glass as well as endless spandrel colors.

If intricate detail is what you seek, our custom shower glass leaves no stone unturned. We in-house produce several glue chipped borders and patterns and create just about any sandblasted image, logo or theme. Subtle or highly decorative, these glass etchings turn sliding shower doors into show-stopping masterpieces.

Ruby Shower Sliders Sandblasted

Smart, Stylish Hardware

At PRL, we take pride in stocking premium quality products. Our shower hardware is no different. Granting an expansive selection for the Tiffany and Ruby, we can meet your shower slider plans. Durable and fashionable, this hardware not only secures, but accents, all-glass enclosures charmingly.

Our shower hardware won’t disappoint. Including three trendsetting clamp series with their own distinctive designs and three fabulous collections, we have what you need to equip sliding shower doors. We also supply a variety of finely assembled u-channels and seals for these frameless systems.

Encompassing a number of smart, stylish looks, our medley of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars bring refinement to top hung sliders. Made in standard as well as custom profiles, this shower hardware is available in multiple finishes. Brushed or polished stainless steel, polished chrome, brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze can adorn your tub or shower units.

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PRL’s Tiffany and Ruby top hung shower sliders. Frameless, all-glass, sliding door systems that deliver quality and beauty. Don’t miss out! Once you have them, you’ll love them.

Deal direct with PRL Glass & Aluminum. Receive your shower products with excellent customer service, technical support and the fastest lead-times in the industry. There’s a reason we’re the preferred supplier for glazing industry.