PRL’s Shower Door Sliders. Everything You Need to Know. Find Out Why They’re So Popular!

For a spectacular selection of frameless shower door sliders shop PRL of Southern California. Offering three beautiful systems perfect for tub and shower enclosures, our variety of shower sliders bring elegance to residential and commercial applications.

Furnishing a premium assortment of finishes, an enticing selection of shower glass types and a huge collection of shower door hardware, we supply everything you need to create quality shower systems. Design a shower and bath that never looked better at PRL Glass & Aluminum. Contact us today to order your frameless shower door sliders!

What Style Shower Door Sliders Can I Choose?

All manufactured in-house, you can pick from three frameless shower slider styles. PRL’s Contoured shower door sliders- constructed with sleek, contoured aluminum headers; and Tiffany and Ruby enclosures- equipped with innovative top hung roller systems in place of headers. All attractive in their own right, each has a lot to offer.

Offered as complete kits, our Contoured shower sliders are available in standard and custom sizes. Including everything you need for an entire shower system, we provide all headers, parts, shower glass and hardware. At PRL, our Contoured series makes ordering and installing frameless shower door sliders convenient and easy. No wonder we’re the go-to source for specifiers and installers.

Constructed entirely of shower glass panels, Tiffany and Ruby sliders boast amazing all glass views. Offering the Tiffany with a 60″ square support bar, and the Ruby with a 60″ round support bar, we provide fashionable architectural design options for showers and baths.

Shower Door Sliders

Do Your Frameless Shower Door Sliders Accommodate Heavy Glass Loads?

Absolutely. PRL’s frameless shower sliders are designed specifically for heavy glass loads. Contoured shower door sliders are equipped with heavy-duty header tracks and the Tiffany and Ruby accommodate maximum door weights up to 88 and 120 lbs. Manufactured with precision engineered stainless steel and aluminum components, these sliders are designed to withstand heavy shower unit demands.

Which Heights & Configurations Are Available for Tub & Shower Enclosures?

All shower door sliders are available in standard 60″ tub and 72″ shower heights. Designed to fit any site condition or design concept for straight and corner conditions, PRL’s sliders can be manufactured as in-line, 90°, 135° and custom angle shower enclosures. Fabricated in-house, Contoured, Tiffany and Ruby sliders are laid out in detail and manufactured to size, ready for installation.

Will My Shower Slider Doors Operate & Slide Smoothly?

Yes. All doors in PRL’s slider systems operate and slide smoothly. Our Contoured sliders- equipped with premium slider tracks, and the Tiffany and Ruby- designed with modern 4 wheel roller systems, provide smooth, quiet and effortless operation. Adhering to the strictest in-house production standards and quality controls, PRL ensures all frameless shower door sliders operate reliably.

How Many Thicknesses & Shower Glass Types Do You Offer?

Our shower door sliders accept 3/8″ glass thicknesses only. Offering many functional and decorative shower glass types, PRL can satisfy a wide range of architectural designs. You can select clear tempered, textured or spandrel shower glass colors, or glue chipped borders and patterns or awe-inspiring sandblasted glass designs.

What Kinds of Shower Hardware Can I Specify?

At PRL, we offer all kinds of shower hardware for Contoured, Tiffany and Ruby shower sliders. Regardless of what hardware your frameless shower door unit requires, we furnish it all. We provide 3 hinge and clamp series with their own distinctive designs; premium quality aluminum headers and u-channels, support bars, and a large assortment of polycarbonate seals.

We also offer a magnificent collection of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars. We furnish pull handles in standard, mini ladder H-style, contoured, contemporary and glass styles; knobs in standard, slider, glass and bow styles; and single-sided and standard towel bar combos.

Are Multiple Finishes Available for Your Shower Door Sliders?

Yes! Our shower sliders are available in a medley of lustrous finishes to compliment a variety of bath décors. The Contoured series is offered in bright dip anodized, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze. Tiffany and Ruby shower door sliders are available in brushed and polished stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze finishes. As one of the few manufacturers to carry oil rubbed bronze, PRL offers even more choices to create lustrous frameless shower enclosures.

Create a captivating shower and bath by contacting PRL of the West Coast. Extending three outstanding shower door sliders in a variety of configurations, shower glass types, hardware and finishes, we leave nothing to be desired.