Create a Shower & Bath Like No Other with PRL’s Frameless Swing Door Shower Systems

For frameless swing door shower systems that create an illusion of spaciousness, contact PRL of Southern California. Supplying top-quality products nationally and internationally with the fastest lead-times in the glazing industry, it’s no wonder PRL’s the go-to source for specifiers and architects. Simply put, we manufacture captivating swing door shower enclosures for residential and commercial applications.

Made entirely of glass and sleek, streamlined support elements, PRL’s frameless swing door shower units boast sweeping all-glass views. Perfect for tight quarters and smaller bathroom layouts, this shower system’s pristine transparency creates an illusion of spaciousness like no other. Imagine the open, airy, feel your shower and bath can have with a frameless shower enclosure from PRL Glass & Aluminum.

What Shower Configurations Can You Manufacture?

At PRL, we can manufacture infinite shower configurations for frameless swing door shower units. Fabricating all shower systems in house, we can render any geometric configuration for units with doors up to 36” or 42” wide.

Whether your shower calls for single or double swing doors, we can accommodate any architectural design. Don’t limit yourself to a traditional shower enclosure configuration. Choose PRL where the possibilities are limitless. Build a trendsetting swing door shower unit that will wow at PRL of the West Coast.

PRL’s Frameless Swing Door Shower Configurations:

  • In-line shower configurations
  • 90°, 135° & 180° shower systems
  • Neo-angle shower configurations
  • Custom angle shower enclosures

Can Your Swing Door Shower Units Handle Heavy Glass Loads?

Absolutely. PRL’s frameless swing door shower systems were designed specifically to handle heavy glass loads. Reinforced with strong support elements and hardware extruded from premium quality aluminum, our shower enclosures provide strength and durability. Constructed to accept 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass thicknesses in a host of shower glass types, PRL’s swing door shower units are as secure as they are beautiful.

Are Your Swing Shower Doors the Same as Hinge/Pivot Shower Doors?

Yes. PRL’s swing shower doors operate as hinge/pivot shower doors. Adhering to the strictest production standards and in-house quality controls, we assure our frameless shower doors operate seamlessly and close with a tight seal.

Frameless Swing Door Shower Unit Features & Options:

  • Designed for heavy glass loads: 3/8″ & 1/2″ shower glass panels & doors
  • Strong, streamlined support elements & hardware
  • Equipped with water & steam tight seals
  • Unlimited geometric configurations
  • Layouts on all configurations
  • Fabricated in-house for doors up to 36” & 42” wide
  • Large selection of shower glass types
  • Expansive selection of shower hardware
create a shower and bath

Fastest Lead-Times in the Industry! Learn How It Works!

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Available on most of PRL’s quotes and order confirmations, our Urgency Program enables you to expedite delivery and receive your order the very next day. (This delivery service is subject to additional charges).

Why risk the wait? Take advantage of PRL’s Urgency Program and receive your shower system with the fastest lead-times in the industry. PRL- your problem solvers for everything glass and aluminum.

PRL’s Delivery Territories:

Local Cities:

  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego

National States:

  • Arizona
  • Nevada / Las Vegas
  • Hawaii

International Areas:

  • Canadian provinces
  • Mexican federal entities

Delivering luxurious frameless shower units to the Hilton Casino Resort in Las Vegas and the Grand Solmar Land’s End Resort in Cabo San Lucas, PRL’s earned the trust of popular destinations nationally and internationally. Imagine what we can do for you!

Let PRL help you create a shower and bath like no other with a frameless swing door shower system. Supplying the finest shower products since 1989, we just add up to better.