Complete Shower Door Units. Endless Configurations & Customizations at PRL of Southern California

Looking for complete shower door units for unique bathroom configurations or custom shower designs? You’ve come to the right place. At PRL Glass & Aluminum, we’ve got it all to build complete frameless shower systems for residential and commercial baths, no matter how traditional or visionary. Make your shower unit count by counting on PRL and deal direct with us.

Complete Shower Systems. Complete Convenience

Whether you’re designing a frameless shower door slider or a swing door shower enclosure, PRL’s complete shower systems not only offer elegance, but convenience. Including all components, shower glass and hardware, our complete shower units ship prefabricated and ready to install. What more could you ask for?

PRL’s Got It All! Check Out Our Expansive Shower Enclosure Products!

Take advantage of our vast selection of shower door units, systems and products to build the complete shower your bath deserves. Offering a fabulous selection of frameless swing and sliding shower doors, a generous selection of shower glass types and a sweeping collection of shower hardware, PRL’s the one-stop-shop for specifiers designing complete shower enclosures. Simply send us your specifications, select your components and we’ll do the rest. Yes, it’s that easy.

PRL’s Frameless Shower Door Units:

  • Swing Shower Doors: Hinge/pivot with streamlined support elements
  • Shower Sliders with Headers: Contoured shower door sliders
  • Top Hung Shower Sliders: Tiffany & Ruby shower sliders

PRL’s Shower Glass Types:

  • Clear Tempered: High-quality tempered safety glass
  • Textured: Over 10 popular textures & patterns!
  • Glue Chip Borders & Patterns: 5 distinguished designs
  • Spandrel Glass Colors: Over 12 standard colors & unlimited custom colors!
  • Sandblasted Glass: Gorgeous designs & custom artwork

We also offer optional Diamond Seal shower glass coating. This protective coating is a great way to keep shower glass spotless and protect it from staining and harsh cleaning products. And, as a permanent coating, Diamond Seal only needs to be applied once! Keep your complete shower door system looking beautiful for years to come. Have PRL apply this protective coating to your shower glass. You’ll be glad you did.

shower door units

PRL’s Shower Hardware:

  • 3 hinge & clamp series
  • Premium quality aluminum headers & u-channels
  • Support bars for Tiffany & Ruby sliders: Tiffany-square, Ruby-round
  • Large assortment of polycarbonate seals
  • Pull handles in standard, mini ladder H-style, contoured, contemporary & glass styles
  • Knobs in standard, slider, glass & bow styles
  • Single-sided & standard towel bar combos

Our shower hardware is available in a mixture of rich, beautiful finishes to accentuate showers and baths. Available in brushed and polished stainless steel, bright dip anodized, brushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze, PRL offers a large selection to choose from.

Unlimited Shower Unit Configurations!

Don’t limit yourself to a restrictive shower design. Contact PRL where shower enclosure configurations are unlimited! Manufacturing all frameless shower door systems in-house, PRL can fabricate endless geometric shower configurations and opening sizes to your exact specifications. Architects, say goodbye to the frustration of challenging bathroom layouts! At PRL of the West Coast, we can accommodate the most complex complete shower unit designs!

PRL’s Frameless Swing Door Shower Configurations:

  • Single & double shower doors
  • In-line & bifold shower doors
  • 90°, 135° & 180° shower enclosures
  • Neo-angle shower systems
  • Custom angle shower configurations

PRL’s Frameless Shower Door Slider Configurations:

  • In-line doors
  • 90° & 135°shower units
  • Custom angle shower configurations

Endless Shower Enclosure Customizations!

Design a complete shower system to meet your needs and vision with PRL’s unlimited customizations. Need a frameless shower unit with a custom steam vent cut-out? Shower glass doors with arched shaped tops? How about custom headers for shower door sliders? At PRL Glass & Aluminum, we can fabricate infinite customizations for frameless swing door shower enclosures and shower sliders.

Offering unmatched shower glass fabrication and extrusion capabilities, PRL can meet practically any condition and manufacture limitless shower system architectural designs. We can produce the most detailed custom shower glass edgework and extrude custom shower components to your specifications. Experience the expert craftsmanship of PRL’s frameless shower unit customizations and contact us today.

PRL’s Shower Enclosure Customizations:

  • Custom Shower Glass Fabrication:
  • One piece glass panels with inner shower door cut-outs
  • Intricately sandblasted glass designs & artwork
  • And more!

Custom Shower Glass Edgework:

  • Detailed tile notches for shower glass panels
  • Shower glass doors with seamless mitered corners
  • And more!

Custom Shower Hardware:

  • Custom extruded aluminum headers & support elements cut-to-size
  • Customized shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars
  • Custom painted finishes
  • And more!

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and build your complete shower door system with PRL. See why we’re the #1 choice in Los Angeles County for all your shower product needs. PRL Glass & Aluminum. Where it all adds up to better.