Be the Envy of All with PRL of Los Angeles County’s Custom Shower Units

Design the custom shower system you’ve always wanted at PRL Glass & Aluminum. Offering a multitude of custom options it’s easy to see why we’re the first choice for specifiers designing frameless shower door units. Create a bath that will make you the envy of all with a striking shower enclosure from PRL.

Perfect for residential and commercial applications, PRL’s custom shower systems can meet your every desire. Whether you’re designing a frameless shower door slider, swing door shower unit, steam enclosure, or a shower partition, our custom systems are fabricated in detail to suit your vision, designs and needs.

Revel in the fine craftsmanship of PRL’s breathtaking shower units and deal direct with us. At PRL, combining custom glass fabrications with aluminum extrusions is our specialty. Employing only the most skilled craftsmen and utilizing the finest materials, we produce premium quality frameless shower door enclosures you can rely on.

Eye-Popping, Awe-Inspiring Custom Shower Glass Options

Capture the essence of beauty for your shower and bath with PRL’s custom shower glass options. Offering the finest shower glass types and unparalleled custom glass fabrications, we’re the manufacturer designers can’t live without. Render a custom shower system that will leave you in awe with PRL’s custom shower glass options.

Custom Colored Spandrel Shower Glass Types

Innovate your shower and bath by adding a splash of color! Build a frameless shower unit with PRL’s line of brilliant spandrel shower glass. For beautiful swing and sliding shower door enclosures in an array of customized colors, contact PRL of the West Coast.

Providing an unlimited range of bold jewel-like colors and soft, gentle hues, spandrel shower glass creates an alluring ambiance in attractive greens, blues, whites and blacks. The perfect accent for steam unit splash back walls, shower partitions and frameless shower systems, PRL can easily customize spandrel shower glass to match your color scheme.

Textured & Patterned Shower Glass Types

Looking for a discreet, yet elegant, way to customize your frameless shower door enclosure with privacy? Furnishing a vast selection of textured and patterned shower glass types, PRL will have your bath glistening in style.

Select from popular textured shower glass types such as Rain, Master Ray, Master Care and more, or from our fabulous selection of Krystal Klear™ shower glass patterns such as Pebble, Flutex, Delta Frost and more. For luxurious privacy that adds a touch of class, all you add is PRL’s textured and patterned shower glass. We manufacturer frameless custom shower units like no other.

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Glue Chip Shower Glass Types: Standard & Custom Borders & Patterns

Don’t outfit your shower system with a typical shower glass type. Choose PRL Glass & Aluminum where our glue chipped shower glass adds high class distinction! Available in a rich assortment of standard and custom borders and patterns, glue chip shower glass transforms frameless shower door enclosures with sophistication.

Add stately character to your shower and bath with PRL’s collection of glue chipped shower glass borders. Furnishing popular designs such as Classic, Rope and Deco, these borders accentuate stand-alone shower units and tub enclosures splendidly.

For more detailed custom shower systems, our glue chip shower glass patterns are ideal. Whether you select Bamboo, Lilly, or a custom motif, these shower glass patterns complement a variety of architectural designs. Rendering a magnificent selection of borders and patterns, PRL’s glue chipped shower glass is as unmatched in quality as it is in radiance.

Custom Sandblasted Shower Glass Types: Designs & Graphics

Envision your shower glass like the unlimited canvas it is. Turn your frameless shower door unit into an awe-inspiring piece of artwork. Customize it with a captivating, sandblasted glass design or graphic from PRL of Southern California.

The perfect companion for residential and commercial applications, PRL’s sandblasted shower glass is a great way to add a personalized touch to swing door shower enclosures, shower door sliders and splash panels. Let PRL help you create an inviting custom shower system with our exemplary sandblasted shower glass capabilities.

At PRL, our master craftsmen employ the finest sandblasting techniques. Utilizing flat etching, shading and carving, we can produce everything from simple opaque effects to strikingly detailed three-dimensional artwork. Affording eye-catching patterns, borders and illustrations, sandblasted shower glass adds elegance to frameless shower units and baths.

With the ability to render infinite custom sandblasted glass images, PRL’s gifted artists can create a diverse number of enchanting shower and bath themes. Whether you choose to escape into a mythical, oceanic or a nature scene, we can have you bathing in a tranquil atmosphere. See what PRL can do for your custom shower enclosure by dealing direct with us.

Custom Shower Glass Fabrication

For unmatched custom shower glass fabrication, shop PRL Glass & Aluminum. Manufacturing everything from classic to revolutionary shower glass fabrications, we can make your custom shower system dreams come true.

Oversized one piece glass panels with inner shower door cut-outs? Steam vents with transoms? Frameless shower units with custom shape cut tops? Yea, we can fabricate that. PRL’s experts can fabricate virtually any custom shower glass design so our shower door enclosures meet your needs and desires.

At PRL, we take pride in supplying first-rate aluminum and glazing products. Our custom shower glass fabrication is no different. Rendering all shower glass fabrications in-house, PRL implements the highest standards and stringent quality control to assure you receive the premium quality products you’ve come to expect from us.

Whether your frameless shower system calls for shower glass panels with detailed corner cut-outs, seamless mitered corners or oversized glass panels, at PRL, no shower glass customization is too challenging. We can produce the most innovative custom shower glass fabrications. Design the custom shower door unit your bath deserves by working with PRL’s experts.

Custom Shower Configurations

Have an intimidating bathroom layout or an innovative shower design? At PRL, we can manufacture relatively any geometric shower system configuration. See how easily you can create a spectacular frameless shower enclosure for your architectural designs at PRL of the City of Industry, CA.

There’s a reason PRL’s the preferred choice for architects rendering custom shower door systems. With the ability to manufacture neo-angle, 90° and 180° configurations as well as impressive custom angle shower configurations, our expert craftsmen can meet the most intricate design concepts and field conditions.

Whether you envision a trendsetting or conventional layout, PRL can bring your visions to life. Manufacturing a virtually limitless selection of shower configurations in-house, we can build stand-alone shower units, tub enclosures and splash panels in detail to your specifications.

Get your heart’s desire and design a cutting-edge frameless shower door system with PRL. From design to delivery we can meet your challenge with outstanding custom shower configurations. Great minds deserve great products. Great minds choose PR Glass & Aluminum.

Protect & Keep Your Shower Unit Looking Beautiful with Diamond Seal Shower Glass Coating

Don’t let your custom shower enclosure’s glass become dull and lifeless. Keep it radiant for years to come with Diamond Seal shower glass coating offered at PRL!

At PRL, we know you value convenience and easy maintenance. That’s why we offer Diamond Seal shower glass coating for all our shower glass. Ideal for frameless shower door systems, steam units, splash panels and shower partitions, this protective coating not only keeps shower glass looking new longer, but makes it easier to maintain.

Resistant to water beads, fingerprints and staining, Diamond Seal shower glass coating seals the glass surface so it’s more resistant to the corrosive effects of mineral deposits and harsh chemicals in household cleaners. And because Diamond Seal is a permanent coating, no reapplication is required. Simply have PRL add this protective coating to your shower glass once and you’re done!

Safeguard your custom shower door enclosure and keep it lustrous for year to come. Add Diamond Seal shower glass coating available at PRL. Just one more reason we’re the right choice for ordering shower products.