Shop the Finest Frameless Shower Door System Hardware

At PRL Glass & Aluminum, we supply a sweeping selection of shower door system hardware for frameless shower enclosures. Experience our expert craftsmanship and all our hardware has to offer by dealing direct with us. Shop the #1 supplier of shower products in the West Coast for a variety of styles to match your designs and budget.

Just like any good tradesperson needs the right tools for the job, so do specifiers, architects and installers. That’s why PRL offers the finest shower hardware for complete shower door units. Offering 3 series of hinges and clamps, top quality headers and u-channels, a large assortment of polycarbonate seals, and a fashionable collection of pull handles, knobs and towel bars, our selection of hardware stands above the rest.

Extruding virtually all shower door hardware in-house, we assure premium quality products and can accommodate custom orders. Send us your specifications so we can meet your architectural designs. For superior shower hardware, contact us today! Learn more about what PRL has to offer by reading below.


Yes, we offer three different styles of shower door hinges and clamps. Each crafted with its own unique shape, our hardware’s timeless designs will secure your frameless shower door system hardware with finesse.

PRL’s Hinge & Clamp Styles:

  • Bella/Beverly Series: An all-beveled, rounded corner design.
  • Sade/Sidney Series: Crisp, clean lines, square edges and flat surfaces.
  • Contoured Series: An exclusive sloped contoured design. Available only at PRL Glass & Aluminum!

What Shower Door Hinges Do You Supply?

We supply a large assortment of shower hinges, listed below. Offered from our Bella/Beverly, Sade/Sidney and Contoured series, this hardware looks beautiful in swing door shower enclosures.

Available Shower Door Hinges:

  • Full plate wall mount hinge
  • Offset back plate wall mount hinge
  • Short back plate wall mount hinge
  • 135° glass-to-glass hinge
  • 180° glass-to-glass hinge
Shower Door System Hardware

Do You Offer Standard & Heavy Duty Hinges?

We sure do. At PRL of Southern California, we offer two lines of standard and heavy duty hinges. Supplied from two of our shower hardware series, the Bella/Beverly and Sade/Sidney, these hinges accommodate a variety of shower door weights and widths.

Standard Hinge Line:

  • Beverly Series Hinges: Accommodates complete swing door shower units under 80 lbs.
  • Sade Series Hinges: Ideal for shower systems with smaller swing door widths.

Heavy Duty Hinge Line:

  • Bella Series Hinges: Accommodates frameless shower enclosures over 80 lbs.
  • Sidney Series Hinges: Ideal for greater swing door widths than Sade hinges.

What Shower Door Clamps Do You Carry?

We carry a wide collection of shower door clamps, listed below. Furnishing a choice selection of sleeve over glass clamps as well as a host of styles from our Beverly, Sade and Contoured series, PRL brings distinction to showers and baths.

Available Shower Door Clamps:

  • 90°, 135° & 180° glass clamps
  • Fixed wall mount clamps
  • Moveable glass-to-glass transom clamps
  • Moveable wall mount transom clamps
  • 90° sleeve over glass clamps
  • 135° sleeve over glass clamps


What Sizes & Glass Thicknesses Do Your Shower Door Headers Accommodate?

PRL’s contoured shower door headers are available in 6 and 10 ft. stock lengths. Fabricated for 3/8″ glass thicknesses, this hardware accommodates heavy glass loads. Extruding all headers in-house, we can custom manufacture these support elements to your exact specifications. And best of all, our contoured shower door headers ship ready to install!

I Need U-Channels. Which Lengths Can I Order? How Many Glass Thicknesses Will They Fit?

You can buy u-channels in 98″ stock lengths as well as custom sizes. Fitting 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass thicknesses, PRL Glass & Aluminum equips this hardware with notched bottoms for greater installation strength. To secure shower door units with confidence, all u-channels are glazed with clear silicone.

Can I Specify Different Kinds of Shower Seals?

Yes, you can. We offer a large assortment of shower seals in 98″ stock lengths for 3/8″ and 1/2″ glass thicknesses. Made from polycarbonate vinyl, PRL’s seals snap into the edges of shower glass panels to create a tight seal.

Available Shower Seals:

  • T-seals
  • Bulb seals
  • Rail/wipe seals
  • H-strike jamb seals
  • Bottom sweep seals
  • Double fin wipe seals
  • 135° strike & jamb seals


Which Pull Handles, Knobs & Towel Bars Do You Offer?

At PRL, we furnish a huge collection of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars. Extending a large assortment of styles, we offer something for everyone designing complete shower systems. Accessorize your shower and bath with just the right pull handle, knob or towel bar from our vast collection of shower hardware styles.

Shower Door Pull Handles:

  • Standard
  • Mini ladder H-style
  • Contoured
  • Contemporary
  • Glass

Shower Door Knobs:

  • Standard
  • Slider
  • Glass
  • Bow
  • Beverly (matches Bella/Beverly hardware series)

Shower Door Towel Bars:

  • Standard single-sided
  • Standard towel bar combos

What Finishes Can I Get for My Shower Door Hardware?

You can purchase shower hardware in brushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed bronze finishes. As one of the few manufacturers to offer oil rubbed bronze, PRL brings you even more choices to adorn showers and baths. Just one more reason we’re the preferred supplier for frameless shower enclosures in Los Angeles County.

For the finest in shower door system hardware, order with PRL today!