Shower Door Hardware – Enchanting Subtle Accents

At PRL, our shower door hardware provides those subtle accents that transform ordinary shower units into enchanting ones. Furnishing premium hardware in a fetching collection of styles, we bring sophistication to showers and baths. Contact us today and create a stunning frameless shower door system.

Offering an expansive selection of shower hardware, PRL Glass & Aluminum is the go-to source for all your shower enclosure needs. Available in lustrous bushed nickel, polished chrome and oil rubbed finishes, our hardware blends nicely with a variety of décors.

Furnishing three alluring series of shower door hinges and clamps and a choice selection of sleeve over glass clamps, installers can secure frameless shower systems with luxury. Offering headers, u-channels and seals made from the finest materials, we’re the manufacturer specifiers turn to first. Bestowing a large collection of shower hardware in a myriad of styles, PRL’s shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars are a designer’s dream.

Capture the essence of beauty for your shower and bath. Deal direct with PRL of Los Angeles County. Outfit your swing or sliding shower door unit with our spectacular shower hardware. Once you have it, you’ll love it.

Hinges & Clamps. The Best of Form & Function

Bella/Beverly Shower Door Hardware Series:

This hardware is crafted with an all-beveled, rounded corner design. Offered in heavy duty and standard hinges, the Bella/Beverly series also offers a vast selection of shower door clamps. Unmistakable in showers and baths, this shower hardware series is sure to please.

Sade/Sidney Shower Door Hardware Series:

Boasting a modern, contemporary design, our Sade/Sidney shower hardware is fashioned with crisp, clean lines, square edges and flat surfaces. Available in heavy duty and standard hinges, this series offers an impressive assortment of shower door clamps.

Contoured Shower Door Hardware Series:

Our Contoured hardware series is rendered with a beautiful, sloping, contoured design. Available only at PRL Glass & Aluminum, we furnish a host of shower door hinges and clamps in this exclusive, sleek, shape. Create a frameless shower system that will take your breath away with our Contoured shower door hardware.

Sleeve Over Shower Glass Clamps:

Tailored with sharp angles and crisp, clean lines, our sleeve over glass clamps offer a traditional shower hardware look. At PRL, we take pride in supplying premium quality products our customers have come to expect from us. Our sleeve over shower glass clamps are no different. Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and shop with us.

Shower Door Hardware

Headers, U-Channels & Seals. Shower Hardware You Can Be Sure of

Contoured Headers:

Designed for our Contoured shower door sliders, these headers are sleek looking support elements that not only complement showers and baths beautifully, but stand the test of time. Available in bright dip anodized, brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze finishes, contoured headers dazzle as long as they last.


Our u-channels are available in 98″ stock lengths. Extruded in-house from premium quality aluminum, this shower hardware can be cut-to-size to meet numerous architectural specifications. Upholding stringent in-house quality control standards, PRL assures a top-notch product.


Made from polycarbonate vinyl, our shower seals help minimize steam and water leaks. Offered in 98″ stock lengths in a large assortment of shapes and sizes, these seals fit virtually any frameless shower door enclosure. Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure your shower and bath remains leak-free with our shower seals.

Shower Door Pull Handles, Knobs & Towel Bars. Hardware with Flair

Pull Handles:

At PRL of Southern California, we supply a bountiful array of shower door pull handles. Whether your vision is traditional or contemporary, we have just the right style for any shower and bath. Whether you select standard, mini ladder H-style, contoured, contemporary or glass, our pull handles accent shower units with magnificence.


From elegant simplicity to the most intricately cut glass, our selection of shower door knobs will satisfy the most discriminating of tastes. Choose from standard, slider, glass and bow styles; or our Beverly style knob designed to match our Bella/Beverly hardware series. Make your frameless shower system the crowning jewel of your bath. Garnish it with a shower door knob from PRL’s expansive collection of shower door hardware.

Towel Bars:

Designed with a rounded, tubular profile, our shower door towel bars offer a classic style to coordinate with a variety of architectural designs. Sturdy and reliable, we offer single-sided and standard towel bar combos. Experience the fine craftsmanship of our towel bars by ordering with us. You’ll be glad you did.

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