Standard Contoured Shower Door Sliders. Order the Frameless Shower Unit Your Bath Deserves at PRL of Southern California!

Don’t miss out on PRL’s Standard Contoured shower door sliders. For frameless shower systems that offer quality and convenience, contact us. Ideal for commercial and residential stand-alone shower units and tub enclosures, these sliders will transform your bath with elegant simplicity.

At PRL Glass & Aluminum, our Contoured sliders not only bring class to shower door units, but make shopping a breeze. Offered as complete kits, these sliders include all components for an entire system. Sporting headers with sleek, contoured profiles available in a collection of alluring finishes, Standard sliders afford classic style for showers and baths. Create the frameless shower enclosure your bath deserves. Deal direct with us and experience the beauty and convenience of PRL’s Standard Contoured shower door sliders.

Constructed with premium quality aluminum headers, Contoured sliders are strong, durable shower units designed specifically for heavy glass loads. Manufactured in-house, PRL’s frameless sliders are equipped with water and steam tight seals. To ensure effortless operation, these systems are engineered with precision assembly and are equipped with heavy duty header tracks so shower doors glide smoothly and quietly.

PRL’s Standard sliders are fabricated for 3/8″ frameless shower enclosures in standard 60″ tub and 72″ shower heights. Designed to fit many opening sizes, site conditions and design concepts for straight and corner conditions, these shower door sliders can be manufactured in 90°, 135°, in-line, and custom angle configurations.

Complete Kits. Complete Convenience

At PRL of the West Coast, our frameless Contoured shower door sliders are offered as complete kits. Supplying everything you need – all headers, parts, shower glass and hardware, we make ordering and installation hassle free. See why we’re the preferred choice for specifiers and installers. Shop with us and enjoy the convenience of our Contoured slider kits.

Which Headers, Parts, Shower Glass & Hardware are Included in Contoured Kits?

Our Contoured shower door kits include the below headers, parts, shower glass and hardware. Manufacturing all Standard sliders in-house, each unit undergoes stringent quality control so PRL ensures you receive a premium quality product.


  • Aluminum Contoured profile header in your choice of finish
  • Available finishes: Bright dip anodized, brushed nickel & oil rubbed bronze
  • Available sizes: 5 x 5 or 5 x 6


  • Bottom track & guider
  • Rollers with all parts: Roller screws, roller brackets, roller bracket screws & roller bracket rubber grommets
  • Side jambs, side jamb rubber bumpers & side jamb wall screws
  • Wall jamb screw anchors

Shower Glass:

  • Clear tempered: 3/8″ thickness

Shower Hardware:

  • Shower door knob: Standard single-sided
  • Shower door towel bar: Standard single-sided
Contoured Shower Door Sliders

What If I Need a Different Size Header?

If your frameless shower slider requires a different size header, just give us a call! At PRL, we extrude all Contoured headers in-house, so we can custom manufacture them to your exact specifications. Create a shower system that meets your needs and desires. Let our experts render a customized header for your shower door sliders. Call us today! We can accommodate a variety of sizes to meet your architectural specifications. 877-775-2586.

Custom sized headers may be subject to price increases.

Can I Select Different Shower Glass Types or Hardware?

You sure can! If you’d like a different shower glass type or hardware for your Standard slider, you can simply upgrade! A great way to add your own personalized touch, PRL offers a vast selection to choose from. Design a compelling shower slider enclosure like no other by selecting one of our alternate shower glass types or hardware.

Please consult a representative for details. Shower glass and hardware upgrades may be subject to price increases.

How Many Other Shower Glass Types Do You Offer?

We offer a sweeping collection of alternate shower glass types for Contoured shower door sliders. With glass fabrication as PRL’s specialty, we furnish a myriad of styles and designs that create lovely frameless shower units.

Alternate Shower Glass Types Available:

  • Textured Shower Glass (Available in 3/8″ thickness):
  • Rain, Master Point, Master Ray, Acid Etch/Matte & more!

Krystal Klear™ Ultra Clear Low-Iron Shower Glass Patterns (Available in 1/4″ thickness):

  • Flutex
  • Pebble
  • Delta Frost
  • Delta Clear
  • Colored Spandrel Shower Glass (Available in 3/8″ thickness):
  • Standard Spandrel Colors: Evergreen, Harmony Blue, Lava Bronze, Snow White & more!
  • Custom Spandrel Colors: Unlimited selection of custom colors such as Aged Copper, Fjord, red & purple!
  • GlueChip Shower Glass (Available in 3/8″ thickness):
  • Glue Chip Borders: Classic, Rope & Deco
  • Glue Chip Patterns: Bamboo & Lilly
  • Sandblasted Shower Glass (Available in 3/8″ thickness):
  • Unlimited custom logos, borders, patterns, designs & graphics!

What Kinds of Alternate Shower Hardware Can I Get?

PRL furnishes a wide selection of alternate shower hardware for Standard sliders. Offering an enticing collection of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars in a beaming assortment of finishes, our shower hardware provides those subtle accents that turn ordinary shower systems into spectacular ones.

Alternate Shower Hardware Available:

  • Shower Door Knob Styles: Standard, bow & glass
  • Towel Bars: Standard combos
  • Shower Door Pull Handle Styles: Standard, contoured, glass, contemporary & mini ladder H-style

Shower Hardware Finishes:

  • Brushed Nickel
  • Polished Chrome
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

Elegance, quality and convenience. What more could you ask for? Call us today to order your frameless shower enclosure. PRL Glass & Aluminum. Where great products come from. 877-775-2586