PRL’s Complete Shower Systems

As a genuine single-source supplier for complete shower systems, PRL of Southern California is the premier choice for specifiers and architects. Supplying everything you need to build beautiful, frameless swing door shower units and shower door sliders, we take the guesswork out of designing complete shower enclosures.

Perfectly suited for commercial and residential applications, PRL’s complete shower systems can accommodate virtually any architectural design. Marvelous for stand-alone shower units and tub enclosures, our complete shower systems can be manufactured with a host of options to meet your needs. Simply send us your specifications, pick your components and we’ll do the rest.

What’s Included with PRL’s Complete Shower Units?

PRL’s complete shower enclosures include your choice of shower door, configuration, shower glass type and hardware. Offering a stellar selection of frameless swing and sliding shower doors, infinite shower configurations, a large assortment of shower glass types and an expansive collection of shower door hardware, PRL makes it easy to design complete shower systems.

What Kind of Frameless Shower Doors Do You Offer?

PRL offers two kinds of frameless shower doors- hinge/pivot swing shower doors and shower door sliders. Our frameless swing door shower systems accommodate 3/8″ and 1/2″ shower glass thicknesses and are equipped with streamlined support elements and hinges.

For shower door sliders, PRL provides two frameless systems. Our Contoured shower door sliders- with sleek, contoured profile headers; and Tiffany and Ruby top hung shower sliders- designed with a support bar and hanging shower glass doors. Both shower door slider systems accommodate 3/8″ shower glass thicknesses.

What Shower Configurations Can You Manufacture?

Fabricating all shower systems in-house, PRL can manufacture practically any shower configuration to meet your design or layout. We can manufacture everything from in-line and neo-angle shower configurations to 180° and custom angle configurations.

No rendering is impossible. If you can design it, PRL can manufacture it. Offering endless shower configurations for frameless shower door sliders and swing door enclosures, it’s no wonder PRL Glass & Aluminum is the go-to source for architects! We turn the impossible into the incredible with our complete shower system configurations.

PRL’s Complete Shower Systems

What Shower Glass Types Do You Offer?

We offer a vast selection of shower glass types for our complete frameless shower door units. PRL offers the finest clear tempered and low iron starphire shower glass, an impressive collection of textured glass and stunning standard and custom spandrel shower glass colors. For more ornate shower glass types, we offer a host of distinguished GlueChip borders and patterns and striking custom sandblasted glass designs and artwork.

Fabricating virtually all shower glass in-house, PRL assures a premium quality product. Whether your complete shower enclosure calls for a simple or decorative shower glass type, PRL can help you design a shower and bath that will enchant as long as it lasts.

What Shower Hardware Do You Offer?

At PRL, we offer a comprehensive selection of shower hardware for our complete shower systems. Offering a collection of fashionable styles and finishes, our shower hardware is a designer’s dream.

We offer 3 series of shower door hinges and clamps with their own distinctive designs; premium quality headers and u-channels constructed from the finest aluminum; a large assortment of polycarbonate shower seals; and two support bar styles for Tiffany and Ruby shower sliders- square and round.

Additionally, PRL furnishes an impressive collection of shower door pull handles, knobs and towel bars. Accessorize frameless shower units to match your décor with shower door pull handles in standard, mini ladder H-style, contoured, contemporary and glass styles; or shower door knobs in slider, glass and bow styles. Need a towel bar? Sporting a classic design, our standard single-sided towel bars and towel bar combos coordinate nicely with any shower and bath.

Available in a dazzling array of brushed and polished stainless steel, bright dip anodized, brushed nickel, polished chrome, and oil rubbed bronze finishes, PRL’s shower hardware is sure to accent frameless shower door sliders and swing door shower enclosures with class.

Are Your Complete Shower Systems Ready to Install?

Yes. PRL’s complete shower units arrive ready to install. They ship prefabricated with all headers, u-channels and perimeter supports pre-cut and with hinges installed.

At PRL, we value convenience as much as you do. That’s why we make it easy to order and assemble our frameless shower door enclosures. Specifiers can simply select shower components and, upon delivery, installers can easily assemble our complete shower systems.

PRL of the West Coast. We make it simple. We can accommodate budgets of many sizes and can help you no matter what stage you’re at. Deal direct with PRL and design a frameless swing or sliding shower door unit that will wow!